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Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Warringah’s partnership with Cerebral Palsy Alliance commenced in April 2015 as part of a fundraising initiative within the Club in association with Women of Warringah.   The Cerebral Palsy Alliance was formed over 70 years ago and is committed to providing world-class support and services to people living with a wide range disabilities, and to their families, with the aim of making a difference in people's lives and engaging them with their communities

For more information on Cerebral Palsy Alliance or to donate click here.



Mum for Mums

Warringah’s partnership with Mums for Mums commenced in June 2014 as part of a wider initiative within the Club to support the local community. The alliance coincided with the launch of WOW (Women of Warringah), a group that recognises and supports women connected to the Warringah Rugby Club.  Mums for Mums was formed in 2011 originally to raise funds to support the family of a local Newport mother diagnosed with a brain tumour. Since then Mums for Mums has assisted 17 local families who's lives have been disrupted by cancer or other unforeseen circumstances.

For more information on Mum for Mums or to donate click here.



Oasis Africa Australia

Warringah’s affiliation with OAA began in 2011 with the humanitarian tour to Kenya.  Together with Wakehurst Primary School, the RATS continue to support the Kibera community through child sponsorship and donations, funding important projects such as a feeding program for the orphans of Kibera, a permanent community access bridge, construction of a school library at the OAA school in Kibera among other crucial projects.  To learn more about the RATS tour to Kenya click here.

For more information on Oasis Africa Australia click here.


Oxfam International

Oxfam was Warringah’s major charity partner for the 2013 tour to Cuba.  As well as providing necessary support and skills training to disadvantaged communities in Cuba, Oxfam is responsible for disaster relief efforts in Cuba following Hurricane Sandy.   The RATS raised money to support relief efforts and repairs to damaged housing as well as donating much needed herbs/spices, clothing, equipment and toys to orphanages in Cuba. To learn more about the RATS tour to Cuba click here.

For more information on Oxfam click here.

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