Honour Board

Past Club Presidents

Bill Simpson (Founding President 1963-84)
Eric Spilsted (1985-87)
Ron Curry (1988-96)
John Heffernan (1997-99)
Chris Birch (2000-04)
Warren Pool (2005-09)
Mike Sheeran (2010 - 2013)
Phillip Parsons (Current)

Honorary Life Members

Neville Bayfield (RIP)
Vince Beakey (RIP)
Graham “Elley” Bennett 
Rick Black
Col Crawford
Ron Curry
John Heffernan
Dilip Kumar
Ted Lyndon
Rod Macqueen (AM)
Bill Simpson
Jack Sutherland

Ken Catchpole Medalists

Steve Lidbury (1987)
Jim Fewtrell (1988)
Matt Foldi (1990)
Mark Catchpole (1994)
Sam Harris (2000)
Scott Fardy (2008) 
Hamish Angus (2012,2014)


Michael Lipman (England) (2004-2008)
Enrique Rodriguez (Argentina) (1979-1983)
Gregor Townsend (Scotland) (1993-2003)

Super Rugby Representatives

Richard Brown (2006-2013)
Pekahou Cowan
Huia Edmunds (2002-2012)
Manny Edmunds (2001-2002)
Scott Fardy (2008;2012-present)
Mark Gerrard (2001-2012)
A J Gilbert (2007-2008;2013)
Sam Harris (2001-2003;2007)
Josh Holmes (2007-2012)
Luke Holmes (2006-2013)
Ben Jacobs (2004-2008;2013)
Michael Lipman (1999-2000;2011-2012)
Lachlan Mackay (2005-2008)
Pat McCabe (2010-2014)
Wycliff Palu (2005-present)
Hugh Pyle (2011-present)
Beau Robinson (2007-present)
Haig Sare (2005-2010)
Brett Sheehan (2005-2013)
Chris Thomson (2009-2010; 2013-present)
Cameron Treloar (2006-2007)
A J Whalley (2006-2009)

Australian U21s

Mark Bell
Richard Brown (2003-2004)
Pekahou Cowan
Manuel Edmonds
Mark Gerrard
Matthew Guberina (Capt)
Josh Holmes
Luke Holmes
Usai Latu
Salesi Manu (2010)
Haig Sare (2005)
A J Whalley (2002)

Australian U19s

Pekahou Cowan
Mark Gerrard
A J Gilbert
Sam Harris
Josh Holmes
Evan Jones
Michael Lipman
Pat McCabe
Cameron Pither
Michael Ruthven

Sport Australia Hall of Fame

Rod Macqueen (AM) (2001)

IRB Hall of Fame

Rod Macqueen (AM) (2011)

Australian Wallabies Coach

Rod Macqueen (AM) (1997-2001)

Australian Wallabies Assistant Coach

Jim Williams (2008-2011)
Jim McKay (2013 - present)

Australian Mens Representatives (Wallabies)

Mark Bell (1996)
Pekahou Cowan (2009-2011,2014)
Manuel Edmonds ((1998-2001)
Scott Fardy (2013-present)
Mark Gerrard (2005-2007)
Stephen Lidbury (1987-1988)
Pat McCabe (2010-2014)
Enrique Rodriguez (1984-1987)
Brett Sheehan (2006-2012)
Dominic Vaughan (1983)

Australian Womens Representatives (Wallaroos)

Nicole Beck
Jamie Blazejewski
Bronwyn Calvert
Genevieve Delves
Dalena Dennison
Lisa Fiaola
Alex Hargreaves
Bronnie Mackintosh
Chery McAfee (nee Soon)
Danielle Meskell (200-2010,2014)
Cobie-Jane Morgan (2009-present)
Tui Ormsby (1997-present)
Chris Ross
Ruan Sims
Shontelle Stowers (2010-present)
Helen Theunissen
Jenny Williams

Australian 7s Reps (Men)

Michael Adams
Hamish Angus
Andrew Apps
Willie Bishop
Richard Brown (2003-2004)
Mark Catchpole
Ross Duncan
Bruce Frame
A J Gilbert
Josh Holmes

Pat McCabe
Peter Owens
Cameron Pither
Andrew Rasmus
A J Whalley (2003)
Andrew Wiles
Jim Williams

Australian 7s Reps (Women)

Katrina Barker (2012-present)
Chloe Dalton (2014-Present)
Dalena Dennison
Ellia Green (2013-present)
Cheryl McAfee (nee Soon)
Cobie-Jane Morgan (2011-present)
Tui Ormsby
Jess Palmer (2012-present)
Ruan Sims
Shontelle Stowers (2012-present)

Tongan U20s

Katoni Ale

NSW U21s

Neil Dethick
Michael Droder
Bruce Frame
Richard Scotts

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