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Women of Warringah (WOW) - Some Background

The WOMEN OF WARRINGAH, also known as WOW, is one of a number of community-based initiatives at Warringah Rugby Club. WOW was formed in June 2014 to acknowledge and support the many women who are associated with Warringah Rugby Club - not only supporters and players but also those who contribute in other important ways behind the scenes.

What are the key objectives of WOW?

WOW is a "purpose driven" initiative based on a desire to create a sense of community for the Women of Warringah, while at the same time building a cohesive network of diverse experience and skills that benefit both the club and wider community. The key objectives of WOW are:

  • To establish a broader connection and level of support to the many women associated with Warringah Rugby Club;
  • To provide additional resources and opportunities to the women associated with the Club such as employment assistance and business networking;
  • To promote Warringah Rugby Club's philanthropy programs, including active local community assistance, fundraising and more;

Who are the key partners behind WOW?

WOW has teamed up with Warringah Rugby Club sponsor FreshStart and local Newport charity Mums for Mums. Representatives from each of these organisations form the WOW committee listed below:

  • WOW - Suzi Crawford, Melanie Holmes, Kathy Sheeran and Beth Ward;
  • FreshStart - Rebecca Mountford-Flint;
  • Mums for Mums - Katrina Meek, Lisa Brown, Trina Brown, Leanne Holdsworth, Melissa Langley and Jenny Smith;

Want to know more about our local charity partner Mums for Mums? For more information click here.

How can I become involved with WOW?

Become a part of something special! Joining WOW is easy - and FREE! We've got some special things planned and would love for you to be a part of it. Simply fill out our registration form and we'll be in touch!

To download an application form click here

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