Tell us in 30 seconds about the Bayfield Group.

The Bayfield Group is a local Northern Beaches independent, family-run business with a hotel portfolio that includes Dee Why Hotel, The LightBrigade, and The Belrose Hotel. Long standing local publicans Neville (deceased), Wayne, Mark, along with grand-child Kaine Bayfield, continue to uphold the family-run tradition of offering first-class hospitality in their prestigious venues. Adding to their hotel portfolio is Bayfield’s Liquor Superstores at Dee Why and Belrose, as well as its Online channel BAYFIELDS.COM.AU. Proudly local-minded, the Bayfield family have been bringing you the best brands at the best prices for over 40 years!


This weekend’s games have been named the “Bayfield Cup” round. How did this round come into fruition? 

Back in 1990, we wanted to name a game as part of our sponsorship and the obvious game of choice was the local derby. This is now the 29th Bayfield Cup. We think we made a pretty good choice!!!


How many family members do you have actively “working” within the business and how do you make this work?

Over the years, every single family member from Nev and Pam, Mark and Yvonne, Wayne and Sharon, to all the grandchildren and most of their respective partners. Last Christmas, we even had 2 of the Great Grandchildren helping collect trollies in the school holidays! We have been extremely lucky that everyone gets along on a personal and professional level.


Your corporate box at the home games are usually packed to the rafters; how do you select who gets to attend the most sort after tickets for the Manly this weekend?

Family comes first followed by some of our best mates, ranked by loyalty measured by attendance to home games throughout the season.


What is the most memorable Warringah Rugby Club sporting achievement and why?

There are 2 standouts:

  1. 1st Grade Colts GF win in 2001 which Kaine played in and I was a manager of the team.
  2. Obviously the 2017 Shute Shield GF win at North Sydney Oval… WHAT A DAY!!!


Do the Bayfield family have any game day rituals?

  1. Arrive at 1:30pm- Cold 4 Pines on Arrival,
  2. Watch 2nd Grade- Cold 4 Pines,
  3. Dee Why Hotel Cheeseburger and a cold 4 Pines at 2pm,
  4. Ready for kick off at 3pm with a cold 4 Pines,
  5. Cold 4 Pines at Full time.


Tell us about a person that you admire at the Club. Why do you think they have made an important impact?

Being involved with this great club since 1987, there are too many people that I admire to mention that have had an important impact. That’s what makes it such a great club!


This weekend, WRC are showcasing your annual Burger Comp where the lucky winner receives FREE Burgers for a year at Dee Why Hotel, what is your favourite burger?

The Famous Trufflenator- It is what put Dee Why Hotel on the burger destination map!


Lastly, what excites you most about the remainder of the 2019 season? 

  1. Winning the Bayfield Cup,
  2. Finishing Minor Premiers,
  3. A 3rd GF in a row and winning it!!!

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