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Video Highlights Warringah Vs Norths

Don’t the Rats love playing Norths in the Finals!!

Another outstanding match with an even better result, sending our 1st Grade side into the Grand Final Qualifier for the 3rd consecutive year. Not only that, after strong wins, both 3rd and 4th Grade are also into the Grand Final Qualifier as well.

There is a distinct possibility that on Grand Final WRC will have 3 teams in Grand Finals.

First things first. 1st Grade play at North Sydney Oval this Saturday against Eastwood at 1:10pm. They are preceded by 3rd Grade, also at North Sydney Oval, against Gordon at 10.:00am. 4th Grade play Sydney University on Sunday at Coogee Oval at 10:45am.

In the meantime, enjoy the highlights of an extremely strong performance that put the other three finalists on notice.

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Video Highlights: Warringah Vs Southern Districts.

The competition starts NOW! Not only that, the Rivalry Returns to Rat Park this Saturday as the Rats and Norths continue their incredible run of finals clashes in recent years.

The Rats beat them in the Grand Final in 2017. The Rats beat them in the Semi-Final in 2018 to go into our second consecutive Grand Final. Get down here this Saturday and make Rat Park a cauldron. Make it loud. Make it intimidating.

Help the boys take the next step to a third consecutive Grand Final. And if you needed another reason to get down to Rat Park, it is virtually a full WRC day. Both 3rd and 4th Grade are playing their semi-finals here as well with 4th Grade kicking of at 10.15am, followed immediately by 3rd Grade.

The Hill will be heaving and the Can Bar will once again have live entertainment immediately upon full time from local favourites, Micro.

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Video Highlights Warringah Vs Western Sydney

After having to make 3 changes prior to kick-off and two early injuries, the Rats secure a home final at Rat Park, maintain top spot for the 6th consecutive week and have one more match to win to claim the Minor Premiership.

Enjoy these highlights from an extremely tough match against Western Sydney, including Dave Feltscheer winding back the clock with a length of the field intercept try!!



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Be there this Saturday at Rat Park.

Pacific Island and Indigenous Round

As a reminder as to just how good Rats Rugby is, here is further footage of last weekend’s wonderful victory. The Rats need you at Rat Park this Saturday against Western Sydney to help secure the Club’s first ever Minor Premiership. Remember, all drinks are only $5 in our last Home Game of the regular season.

If you want to see a home final here on 10th August, get down to Rat Park this Saturday and cheer the boys to a very important and vital victory Our teams lift on the back of your noise and support.

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Warringah Vs Manly Video Highlights

Enjoy the highlights of not only another outstanding win by the Rats in the Bayfield Cup, but a win that keeps WRC on top of the Shute Shield for an unprecedented 5th straight week and a hopefully a massive home final in week one of the play-offs.

However, first things first. This Saturday is our last home game, and this massive match against Western Sydney is vitally important in the race to the Minor Premiership and securing a home final. To make the day bigger, the weather forecast is excellent and all drinks are only $5!!

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Video Highlights: Warringah vs West Harbour.

Behind an incredibly dominant scrum, the Rats not only maintained top spot on the Shute Shield ladder for a 4th consecutive week with a hard-fought win over West Harbour, but commenced their preparations for this week’s match of the season – The Bayfield Cup against Manly here at Rat Park. To ensure you get a spot, start getting your tickets online now at

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Video Highlights. Warringah Vs North.

Despite an outstanding victory by the 1st Grade Colts, WRC did not get the chocolates this weekend. However, 1st Grade were tough, hard and magnificent in defeat as the highlights show, and still sitting on top of the Shute Shield ladder for the 3rd consecutive week.

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Video Highlights Warringah Vs Sydney Uni.

The Rats record a magnificent victory over Sydney University on the weekend in the top of the table Shute Shield clash, also securing victories in 4th Grade as well outstanding wins in 1st and 2nd Grade Colts!!

Another top of the table match this Saturday against Norths. Get down to our second Home Ground, North Sydney Oval, a ground we have dominated performance and crowd support wise for the last two years!!

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Warringah Vs Easts Video Highlights.

Highlights from last weekend’s Shute Shield victory over Easts that solidified Warringah’s position at the top of the Ladder – including a contender for Tackle of the Year.


This makes this Saturday, here at Rat Park, an absolute monster that you don’t want to miss. Warringah vs Sydney Uni. First vs Second. Grand Final Replay!!



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Video Highlights. Warringah vs Western Sydney.

In a round that saw Warringah Rugby Club take top position on the Shute Shield ladder after every team has had a bye, enjoy a highlight package full of brilliant attacking highlights.

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