“To all Warringah Rugby Club supporters. As per the below Media Release from Rugby Australia, some clarity has been provided regarding Community Rugby, of which WRC and the Intrust Shute Shield are an integral part of. It is appreciated by WRC that this decision and direction has been made as now we have a broad timetable upon which to plan and all Clubs will be running their rugby operations in the same way. Further, the great news is that there will be a Shute Shield season and our magnificent and highly talented players in Grade, Colts and the Ratettes will all be vying for premierships in 2020.


Click here to view media release -> http://view.e.rugby.com.au/?qs=6c8bbf85414f54fdfbb89f6e853f423cfca3c915cafd37c1371953faf8643612247883f6565d56b3f20c0c3116c0bdff39e71f6b87d3798246585123b238bdac91867d544bfac909


The essence of the release is that all rugby operations must cease immediately until the first week of May. This includes playing matches, training and face to face education. Today WRC had already taken a step in this direction where today we had suspended all of our own rugby operations for two weeks including the upcoming two trial matches. We have included in this protocol the closure of the gym for the next two weeks and in this time it will also be professionally cleaned and sterilised.

RA, NSWRU, SRU and all Shute Shield Clubs will now be working to put some definition and a distinct timetable upon when training will recommence and when the 2020 Shute Shield season kicks off. As this information develops, this will be passed on.

As you will appreciate, this news is actually of great comfort to our players. Everyone works. Some own their own businesses. And they all love our Club, the game and our wonderful supporters. However, their health is tantamount, and they now have clear air that ensures their health, safety and their ability to work is not jeopardised by their love of WRC and their desire to play rugby.

We look forward to seeing everyone at Rat Park in 2020, albeit a little later than planned, but in full health.”

Thanks and best regards

Guy Fraser-Hills
General Manager
Warringah Rugby Club
Phone: 9913 2150

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