As we are all living this horrible moment in history, I won’t dwell on it. If you are struggling and need help to shop etc., please email myself or Guy and we can arrange assistance.

Warringah Rugby Club, like far too many sporting clubs and businesses, has some tough choices to make over the next few weeks and probably months. Even as I write this, I know things will change and the protocols will evolve. These are the inputs the board must take into consideration before it makes tough decisions very quickly.

  1. We can play rugby right up to the end of November, but we don’t have a firm start date yet.
  2. RA & NSWRU have applied for community funding. Of course, at this time, we don’t know if we will get any of it, how much and when.
  3. WRC has not generated any substantial revenue for 7 months and yet at the same time we have already invested in our 2020 season. This includes the purchase and payment for all of our playing and training gear (ordered in November), our merchandise for sale and of course our pre-season commenced in November so coaching staff, S& C staff, ground rental all come at a cost.
  4. If we close the doors and send everybody home the club will lose all momentum and recovery back to where we are today could, and most probably would, take years. We didn’t get to where we are today overnight or in one season.

If we want a quick recovery the only way we will achieve this is through commercial support. I know we are not the only club in this position and unfortunately a greater number of clubs are in a worse position. I take no comfort from that. The Rats are the strongest community club in the country, and we will survive this and play our part in the community, but only if we can find a way to keep the doors open.

What can you do if you are at all in a position to do so is:

  1. Keep buying memberships. These are available on our website and can be purchased using our buy now pay later platform, Zip Pay. Remember, this does come with merchandise and gym membership – the cheapest gym membership in Australia!
  2. Join Friends of Warringah. Your contributions can vary and are tax deductible. FOW have been instrumental in so many of our achievements and in the support of our players and their aspirations.
  3. Sponsors, they need your support so they can support us. All sponsors links are on our website and we will be sharing more detail on how you can support them through this difficult time.

I certainly don’t have all the answers and unfortunately the board still has to make many tough and at times uncomfortable decisions, but we are asking, if you can, to please stick with us during this uncertain time.

Thanks again for your support


Phillip Parsons


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