In 30-seconds, tell me about yourself?
Coming from Melbourne, I played almost every sport except rugby until I was at high school. I was lucky enough to play rugby in Perth for Joondalup, in Canada for the Nanaimo Hornets and now find myself in the Northern Beaches playing for the Rats!

On behalf of the Warringah Rugby Club family, I would like to express our condolences on the sudden loss of your beloved grandmother, Elaine.  I’ve been told by those who knew her that she was a funny, happy and kind person with an unapologetic personality. Can I ask, what would her unapologetic personality say on your current hairstyle?
Funnily enough, she thought it was great. She was actually a bit of a renegade herself, she got her first tattoo in her 80’s just a few years ago. But as I was her only grandson she loved everything I did!

In February this year, you came to your new Rats Family on the Northern Beaches. I believe you have found your feet in our bubble, even recently complaining that you had to travel to Gordon! How have you found the transition from rural Victoria to the Northern Beaches?
Rural Victoria hahaha Melbourne is actually a capital city believe it or not. It has been a terrific transition. I’ve even managed to get through recovery on a Sunday with some warm water and the sun on my back and I don’t think I could’ve found a better group of boys to live with either.

What position do you play, and what have been the biggest challenges in finding your place at Rat Park?
Since coming to the Rats, I have played in the second row and sometimes lucky enough to get in the back row! The training load has been a massive shock to me coming from just two field sessions a week to three gym and field sessions but the little things off the field that I have picked up from people has been a massive help.

Your parent’s purchased two platinum season members tickets to watch you every game.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, they are unable to leave Victoria. What has this felt like to be so isolated from your family and friends due to the pandemic? Are your family and friends safe and how are they coping with the new restrictions?
I was lucky enough to have my parents come up and visit and then as they were on their flight back home they announced Melbourne was going into isolation again and since then its been tough but the group of boys here have been a huge help. Having Rivo around has been unbelievable he’s always been there but especially since I found out my grandma wasn’t looking good he has been a hero. Even Carly has been a wonder, I won’t say it because I don’t think mum would be too happy to hear but Carly’s lasagne has found its way into our house a couple of times and it isn’t too bad.

The One Punch Kill campaign is significant to you, can you tell me why?
Pat Cronin was just a few years older than me, lived in the same area and our mothers are good friends but he was unfortunately killed by a coward punch one night when he was just 19 and it hit the whole community like a rock. Since then, his parents Matt and Robin have started the Pat Cronin Foundation which raises awareness, educates and research into the cowards punch. Seeing the pain of the Cronins after that, makes me not want to see anyone go through that pain so I’m now a believer of being wise and ending the cowards punch.

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not at Rat Park?
I’ve been making the most of this terrific weather that happens up here and have been getting out for a swim as much as possible but other than that I’ve just been trying to find the best banana bread on the northern beaches and I don’t think anywhere has come close to Zubi. You’d find me in there probably a bit too much if you asked the boys I live with.

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