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I was playing with the NSW Waratahs throughout the Super Rugby season and was then able to return home to the Rats for the second half of the Shute Shield. This week, obviously, I am excited to be part of this outstanding WRC side hope to successfully help kick start another Rats finals campaign and get to a third consecutive grand final.


When did you start playing rugby, at what junior club and position do you play?

I started playing in 2003 for the Under 9 Mosman Whales and I played prop, so not much has changed!


Recently you did a 10-Day Rugby challenge; where you selected an image in the life of Rugby and how the game impacted you. What does the Rats Rugby Community mean to you?

The Rats Rugby Community is such a positive environment full of dedicated and supportive people who all contribute to the game in one way or another, whether it be having played in the past, raising future Rats or sharing a beer on a Saturday afternoon and cheering on the boys at Rat Park.


Do you have any game day rituals?

I like to eat pretty simple so as not upset my stomach or feel too heavy coming into a game. I also like to sleep in a bit later, so I feel relaxed and energised come kick off.


WRC believe that our Sponsors, Supporters and our Players are our finest assets. They are characterised by qualities such as loyalty, commitment and generosity which make the strong foundation of our ‘family’.  Who do you feel showcases the Club’s core values and why?


I think Dick Harris, the first-grade manager, epitomises the WRC values as he has loyally served the team for many years and always has time to lend a hand. He’s always there to greet you in the sheds and can usually be seen hauling around the phones and wallets of the first-grade players in his blue “valuables” bag.


In February this year, you featured in The Australian in an article “Late Developer puts a foot on the ladder to his dream career”. On your attitude the article stated, “he would not die wondering”. What drives you to never give up and to be the best you can be?

In a sense the fear of regretting that I didn’t put enough effort in or that I could’ve done more to reach my goal definitely makes me never want to give up. It sounds a bit dramatic using fear in that way but it’s also very powerful. Even if I don’t reach my goal, I can sleep at night knowing I tried my best.


I believe you are saxophone player and teacher and also studying civil engineering degree at Sydney University. What do you do for the crack outside rugby & more importantly, how do you juggle it all?

Rugby and Uni take up most of my time so there’s not a lot left to do apart from spend time with my family and friends. Juggling everything has been a big learning curve for me which basically comes down to sacrificing certain things like going out on weekends or doing Uni part time.


Lastly, what excites you most about the remainder of the 2019 season leading into the semi-finals this weekend?

What excites me most about the finals in 2019 is once again how tight the competition is but also the brand of rugby that the Rats are showcasing this year. There’s plenty of young players who have stamped their authority in the team and are turning heads come game day.


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