Tell us in 30 seconds about yourself.

I’m a northern beaches boy born and bred. Born at Mona Vale hospital and lived at Warriewood above Rat Park. Started playing rugby at the age of 11, for the Narrabeen Tigers and progressed through the age group rep teams for Warringah and NSW before entering the Warringah Colts system then finally entering the grade system here at Warringah. Outside of rugby I’m the General Manager of MT Plumbing (Licensed Plumber by trade) and enjoy weekend trips away out of the city with my fiancé (Margot) as well as surfing when possible.


How did you get the nickname, Little General?

The “Little General” is a new one as of 2019 due to being named captain of the 2nd Grade side for the year and due to my height being a whopping 5ft tall. Other nicknames are Scotty B and “Wee-man” (for looking like one of the characters off the Jack-Ass Movie).


WRC believe that our Sponsors, Supporters and our Players are our finest assets. They are characterised by qualities such as loyalty, commitment and generosity which make the strong foundation of our ‘family’.  Who do you feel showcases the Club’s core values and why?

Hamish Angus and Hamish Finch would be two names that come to mind. Both gentlemen are 2 guys that love the club, stay committed to the club cause even when injured as well as being very approachable by all players from all grades, by all staff members and even fans on Saturdays. You’ll be very hard pressed to find someone that would say a bad word about these 2 legends.


I heard that you love Raturday. Why.

There is no better day than Raturday due to the fact that it is very rare event where you can see your mates, play a game of footy together and then enjoy the spoils of victory via having a beer on the hill watching 1st grade (when not on the bench) other than Raturday.


Congratulations, Round 8 Warringah Vs Manly saw you take the field for your 200th game. How did that feel.  What’s your plan for the next 200?

Thank you. It was a surreal moment actually and still something I still cannot quite get my head around. I am very humbled by the fact I have played 200 games for such an amazing club. At the time of kick-off, I was unaware that the Local Derby at Manly Oval was game 200 hundred in which makes it so much more special to me having been a Rats junior as well as having also played one season at Manly. I would like to thank all the coaches, past and present, as well the sponsors, family and friends that have had an impact on me over my 200 games here at Warringah. I’m not sure about another 200 games yet – I think by the time that happens I’ll be close to 45-50yrs of age and may be a in a walking frame by then. I’ll play for as long as the body can hold up and stay competitive.


I see that you run a successful business MT Plumbing when you’re not captaining 2nd Grade. What is your greatest business achievement and how do you juggle running a business and playing grass roots rugby?

Correct I’m the General Manager of MT Plumbing which is a plumbing maintenance company servicing the northern beaches and Sydney Metropolitan area 24/7. My greatest business achievement is not one single moment but more my journey from apprentice to General Manager. Being an apprentice here at MT Plumbing going through becoming a tradesman, then a Licensed Plumber before stepping off tools and becoming the General Manager learning skills and behaviours to become a leader within the company. It is tough juggling between business and footy however it is something that I enjoy because both footy and business can take your mind away from each other and give you that required outlet.


What does the RATS family mean to you?

The Rats Family means FAMILY to me. We are such a close-knit club where everyone feels welcomed and loved by each other. Once you have put the jersey on whether it’s for 1 game or 200 games, we all become involved within the Warringah Rats Family where everyone is willing to assist/help everyone never mind the task or reason.


Lastly, what excites you most about the remainder of the season. What should we look out for?

What excites me about the remainder of the season is that all teams across grade, colts and women’s are all chances of playing semi-final football as well as the young core of players (Ben Marr, Benny Woollett, Wes Thomas) playing 1st grade at the moment who I feel will start to light up and cause some issues for opposing teams within the coming weeks.

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