Partnering with the Warringah Rugby Club:

Our sponsors are the lifeblood of our Club and we boast some of the longest standing sports sponsorships in the country. We align with likeminded organisations and businesses’ who have a genuine desire to be actively involved in our community and we partner with each of our sponsors to ensure their objectives of their investment with us is both profitable and rewarding.

We have a healthy brand, strong recognition here on the beaches and beyond and a game day footprint that other Club Rugby sides are eager to emulate. We have clear vision, a robust operational model and a distinct appreciation and recognition of the expectations of the modern sponsorship dollar and the results it needs to yield to make it a healthy partnership.

THREE key reasons to consider a sponsorship package with the Rats in 2020:

1. Connect to your LOCAL community

A Sponsorship with the Rats gives you a clear pathway to connect to the local Northern Beaches community. Be it junior sports, hospitality, charities or local schools, we’ve got established relationships with a varied group of pockets within the community and we’re making a solid impact and difference.

Whether it be fundraising for charity, volunteering at local sports days, hosting lunches and driving awareness for philanthropic initiatives, our Club is focused on and values participation of this kind. Not only does that provide for our sponsors broadened opportunity to be involved, but it also provides unique business networking opportunities.

2. Promote your BRAND

The Rats will continue to build on an already effective social and mainstream media presence.

We enjoy strong regular support from local press Manly Daily and major media SMH, the Telegraph, Rugby News and ABC Radio. We continue to build on an already thriving supporter base via our Club Website, Facebook Supporters Page, Instagram Page, Twitter and regular Club Newsletters.

These channels are also available to our Sponsors.

3. Support the YOUTH of the Northern Beaches

We are a Club that strives to provide genuine opportunities for youth to develop through rugby.

Your contributions in part allow our Club to continue this focus and commitment to our youth. As we enter a new era at Warringah Rugby Club, we believe in building strong alliances with our Sponsors and supporters that reach far beyond the immediate need of our club to the future and success of our players and grass roots. We’re passionate about making investments now that will benefit the generations that are coming through junior footy.

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