Steve was an old school 2nd Rower, and a natural footballer. He smoked numerous cigarettes, never hit the Gym, but was strongest of all of us. His training regime included Bundy and Coke with beer Chasers. Clearly, Steve never missed a night out, which we all loved!

As a player, Steve had a heart the size of Pharlap. Our trainer Sluggo (Dennis Weight who went on to train the West Indies cricket side when they ruled the world) got us to run the roads and Steve was never further than 3 from the front including backs. He had Incredible drive. We would run from Rat Park to Collaroy then up the incredibly steep Alexander St. At the bottom we would partner up and Steve being my 2nd Row partner, (he was 20+stone in summer) would be on my back as I attempted to sprint to the next post, then I got a rest as he carried me to the next one. That road never ended!! From there we would go through Cromer golf course then run back to Rat Park along Wakehurst Parkway finding more stairs to run up and down before we sprinted up and down the grandstand. That was an easy session.

Steve would push himself so hard in the games he would at times throw up over his shoulder, never miss a stride and just keep on running. Our halves Dominic Vaughan, Barry Turner and Catfish learned not to follow the forwards too closely!!

A recall a particular Rats trip to Cobar to play a Club opener against a country side with current Wallabies turning out to be one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed on a footy field.

In the lead up, we had beers all the way there (only an 8-hour trip/sip) only to find on arrival the pub was being kept open till 4 in the morning. Steve Streeter thought it would be a fitting end if we all sculled a Schooner of Tia Maria for the last one. The lunatics we were accepted his challenge.

Well, it was 45 degrees the next day for the game and there were flies everywhere. We were inhaling the things as we played. And, of course, none of us were in showroom condition, least of all Steve. We got to our first scrum and as I grabbed Steve to pack in, I felt his stomach start to rumble. Well, unfortunately, everything resurfaced, including the flies and Tia Maria!! As is sometimes the case, these things develop a life of their own and many of us went out in sympathy. Wisely, the ref then moved the scrum 20 metres away.

Steve was dearly loved and revered by all and left us way too soon.

I was so pleased that myself, Mark Holmes, Ritchie Black and Steve Crawford had the opportunity to christen the new Steve “Bundy” Temple Can Bar with his sister Mandy and brother John at last week’s exciting victory over Easts last Saturday with a Bundy & Coke in the Big Unit’s honour. Ritchie even brought along his life-sized cardboard cut-out and accordingly, Steve was part of the day. In fact, he remained behind the bar until the lights were turned off!!

We still miss you Mate.


  1. Was talking to my son about some of the great rugby players that I know. I said look up Steven Temple. I didn’t really know ST but I loved his mum. She taught me that every great person needs a great mum…(or great parent, brother, sister, friend figure)

  2. I am educating my sons on the true rugby legends and as my family is associated with The Temple family I love ❤️ That they found this post. All my love Mandy and John Rip. Jan and Barry… always urs “big and little Bridget”

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