Warringah Rugby Club has partnered with NSW Health “Tackling Domestic Violence” for their charity round this weekend, Saturday 11 May 2019 against Randwick.

Family and domestic violence is an issue impacting many communities and the Northern Beaches is no exception. Last year alone, there were 447 domestic assaults recorded by Police on the Northern Beaches.  Domestic violence statistics show that assaults increase during major sporting events. With a Rugby World Cup and State-of-Origin just around the corner, it is important to remember that with increased drinking mixed with heightened emotions comes a greater risk of domestic violence incidents*.

Jonathon Noyes, Health Promotion Officer at NSW Health says “The Warringah Rats have such a strong standing in the Northern Beaches community, and we are very fortunate to be working with such good men within the club who are prepared to take a leadership role in tackling family and domestic violence.  The whole-of-club approach to addressing this significant issue will have a positive impact not only within the club but throughout the broader community”.

Warringah Rugby Club (WRC) has invited Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter to set-up inside the entrance gate of Rat Park to “rattle some buckets” asking our awesome sponsors, supporters, and players to donate much-needed funds.

At half time, WRC President Phillip Parsons will interview Diana Jenkins, Business & Communications Manager at the Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter (NBWS).  NBWS is a safe-haven, supporting homeless women so they can rebuild their lives, reclaim their independence and re-join society.

The Saturday’s line-up at Rat Park is:

  1. 4th Grade at 9.40am,
  2. 3rd Grade at 10.55am
  3. Charity Match at 12.15pm Northern Beaches Over 35s Vs NSW Police Over 35s
  4. 2nd Grade at 1.25, and
  5. 1st Grade at 3 pm.
  6. Ratettes vs Randwick at 5 pm.

Our 1st Grade and Ratettes will be wearing YELLOW Tackling Violence Socks.

* Source: Livingston, M., The association between State of Origin and assaults in two Australian states. Centre for Alcohol Policy and Research. 2018

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