As you probably know, the two Warringah Men’s teams faced each other in the Final of the Lake Macquarie 7’s Tournament, with Warringah “Black” (jersey colour) beating Warringah “Green” 19-7. Along the way the sides beat Norths, Randwick and the Western Sydney Two Blues.

Warringah Green won every match through the 3 pool rounds, Quarter-Final and Semi-Final only losing the Final, whilst Warringah Black lost one pool match only, obviously winning their Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Final.

The Women were outstanding getting all the way to the semi-finals with only 9 fit players. They lost players through injury and concussion.

The previous weekend, the Women won the Hamilton 7’s tournament and Warringah “Black” made the semi-finals.

The final weekend of 7’s is the big tournament this Saturday at Kiama, with Warringah represented by a Women’s and Men’s side. The first team to play is the Men’s side against Southern Districts at 9.15am. The women’s first match is against our big rivals, Manly, at 10.45am.

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