Tell us in 30 seconds about you.
I get called a lot of things, some of them true, the rest even truer. My wife calls me simple, a sociophobe, childish and a disappointment in bed. She’s right (except the bed thing is a bit harsh, I just need more practice), most days I feel like three kids stacked up on each other’s shoulders, covered by a large overcoat, trying to pass myself off as a grown-up! I’m fluent in most bad languages and sarcasm and my hobbies include arguing with call centers and sleeping. Most importantly I’m an ex-rat who lives in the past and appreciates what this club has done for him, his family, his friends and our community…… Oh and I’m a Capricorn.

How were the Hillbillies formed?
It was a pro-active, ill-conceived, beer inspired idea with Jimmy and Chappo. We wanted to channel our superpowers of mindless chat and drinking into the ongoing survival of the club. The club needed supporters, money, atmosphere, more flanno based merchandise and someone to keep the touch judges in line – and to be honest, we needed the mateship of a life after rugby! Our solution – to create a social environment and membership on ‘The Hill’. A meeting place for the community on a Saturday. It just made sense to us, but then again so does bacon in salad!

Even outside of rugby circles the Warringah Hillbillies have earnt themselves a cult following. Why do you think this is the case?
So has Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Kombucha…. The world is too serious, fast paced and stifling, sometimes people just want permission to take a break and take the piss. Just like ‘The Hill’ in Washington, on our ‘Hill’ we don’t overthink thing – actually thinking and acting are mutually exclusive events for both Trump and the Hillbillies. We realise that “There is a time to think and a time to drink”. Hang on, I like that, it’s a catchy line. It can replace our old motto “Join us and look down on other people” and it has more gravitas than “If it’s itchy, scratch it” although it is nice to see some of our members are still working hard to keep this last one alive. What was the question again? In summary, the Hillbillies rock.

Do you Hillbillies have any game day rituals?
Is drinking a ritual?

Rat’s have over a 90% home win record since the Hillbillies started in 2014, do the Hillbillies use any black magic to help the Rats win?
No, but we are partial to a little Ice Magic on our chips (don’t judge!)

The Hillbillies are also responsible for the development and ongoing funding support of Warringah Junior Representative Rugby. What type of initiatives have you rolled out to the Community.
We like to say we are future proofing The Hill. The Hillbillies can make things happen thanks to our club and player links, our Friends of Warringah relationship and most importantly through our generous membership community, many of who have had, or currently have, a kid in the Warringah junior program. Training programs, coaching initiatives, equipment, grounds and facilities are all projects we are, or have been involved in. It’s a cause we can all drink to!

I know your drive in 2019 is to recruit more females on the Hill. Why should our female supporters get involved and become a Hillbilly.
I’ll give you two words ‘Harry Jones’……. Socialising, friendship and fun isn’t a male only domain, stupidity and adolescence however probably is. This year we have had a huge number of new female members join and the community feel and party atmosphere is better than ever.

Tell us about a person that you admire at the Club. Why do you think they have made an important impact?
I have a massive man crush on Jack Sutherland. Jack represents what a community club is all about and he is everything I’m not; loyal, hard-working, generous, modest, selfless, caring and a good bloke. Even despite the fact he is a qualified Assistant Referee, he is still ok to me.

Lastly, what excites you most about the remainder of the 2019 season leading into the finals?
A home semi and then pulling out a few chairs at Bankwest Stadium to give it more of a ‘Hill’ aesthetic for the finals. After that, I’m looking forward to eating 10 times my body weight in salmon and slipping into hibernation for the off season.

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