The RAT PACK – Warringah Rugby’s Volunteers

In 2014 the RATS were given the opportunity to take back Pittwater Rugby Park and engage our local community. This would see Warringah Rugby Club become the heartbeat of Rugby on the Northern Beaches once again. We achieved this due to the tremendous efforts of the amazing Warringah Volunteers.

However we have only made a dent in what we will achieve in 2019. This year we will be more organised, better planned and most of all celebrate the people of the community which give so generously in helping the WRC be all it can be.

The Warringah Volunteers are known as the RAT PACK. This large group of generous humans are the most significant group in our Club. The RAT PACK provides the helping hand to make sure every crucial area on game day is achieved and runs smoothly. But more than this, it brings together our local community and ignites the family that WRC is to so many. The RAT PACK set the atmosphere on game day, from the smiles they give when people walk in, to the service we provide in the canteen and behind the bar.

Looking after the Rat Pack is important to us and will receive:

  • 2019  Membership to the Warringah Rugby Club;
  • Rat Pack T-Shirt to be worn on game day;
  • WRC Members hat for game day;
  • Invited the annual volunteers party;

All RAT PACK Volunteer members are encouraged to talk to and welcome anyone who is interested in helping out around the Club.

How do you sign up to the RAT PACK?

Becoming a RAT PACK Volunteer is easy. Simply call the club during office hours on 0402 192 311 and ask for Christine Warhurst or contact us at

Induction for all volunteers happens at the beginning of each season so be sure to check the website for all details. This session covers:

  • a briefing on the upcoming season
  • An overview of the general game day process and the various roles and responsibilities of each volunteer on game day.
  • An opportunity to get in depth knowledge of what jobs you’re interested in being a part of for game day and what you’d like to sign up to.

We have five key people involved in running our game days and who are on hand each weekend to assist you;

  • Game Day and Logistics Manager – 
  • Rugby Game Day Controller – Brian Ferguson
  • Volunteers Managers – Lindsay Gordon
  • APS Security Owner – Shane Nicol

Welcome to the RAT PACK Volunteers and we look forward to seeing you down at RAT PARK this coming season!