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Warringah Rugby’s Volunteers

They are the unsung heroes of the Warringah Rugby Club 


This dedicated group of volunteers work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the club running smoothly.


The Rat Pack set the atmosphere on game day, from the smiles they give when people walk in, to the service they provide in the canteen and behind the bar.


They are the backbone of the club, and without them Warringah Rugby would not be able to function.


The Rat Pack are a true example of what it means to be a part of a team. They may not be on the field scoring tries, but their dedication and commitment is what makes Warringah Rugby the great club that it is.


Thank you, Rat Pack, for everything that you do!

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How do you become a Rat Pack Volunteer?

Becoming a RAT PACK Volunteer is easy.


Simply call the club during office hours on 0402 192 311 or contact us at

Induction for all volunteers happens at the beginning of each season so be sure to check the website for all details.


This session covers:

  • a briefing on the upcoming season

  • An overview of the general game day process and the various roles and responsibilities of each volunteer on game day.

  • An opportunity to get in depth knowledge of what jobs you’re interested in being a part of for game day and what you’d like to sign up to.

Looking after the Rat Pack is important to us
and all our Rat Pack Members receive:

  • Game day entry

  • Rat Pack T-Shirt to be worn on game day;

  • WRC Members hat for game day;

  • Invited the annual volunteers party;


Match Day Support

Wondering how you can help?

Game Day set up (either Friday or Saturday mornings)

  • Sponsor’s signage

  • Ground signage

  • Event spaces

  • Bar & BBQ

  • Changing room

Game Day Runners

  • Bar re-stocking

  • Change provider

  • Field runner

  • General assistant

​Front Gate Staff

  • Scan tickets

  • Great guests

Merchandise Store Staff

Match Day Controller

Time Keepers

a few more details...

  • You receive membership with all benefits a member has

  • Volunteers Polo

  • No volunteer will be asked to work during 1st grade game.

  • Food and drink voucher for use on the day.

  • Water supplied during work period.

  • Normal shift 2.5 hours or 3 hours max. (We will ask if we need longer hours.)


  • We ask that you commit to at least 6 games.

  • We have 2-3 trials games each year , plus 9 home games + semi final series  = normally 2 games.

So have plenty opportunity to meet the 6 game min.

Just a hint at what our volunteers get up to!

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