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Registration Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise stated, terms in this document shall have the same meaning as defined in the ARU Code of Conduct. A copy of the ARU Code of Conduct is available at:

1. By completing this Registration Form, you (or if the participant is under 18 years of age, that participant’s parent or legal guardian on behalf of the participant) agree:

  1. The information you have provided is true, correct and accurate.

  2. The information you have provided will be used and disclosed for the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy, including being used by your club and Member Union to administer the Game and provide rugby activities and rugby-related services. A copy of the ARU Privacy Policy is available at:

  3.  To comply with and abide by the rules and regulations which govern the Game and its authorised variations, including, World Rugby Laws of the Game and Regulations (, the ARU Code of Conduct By-Law, the ARU Policies (including ARU Anti-Doping Code and ARU Member Protection Policy) and the competition rules governing sanctioned competitions and events, available at

  4. You have fully disclosed any suspension you may be serving imposed by any sporting body, and will disclose any suspension imposed in the future.

  5. You must pay all fees, including but not limited to, registration fees.

  6.  The ARU, your Member Union, Rugby Body or Club may use your name or image in any form or medium for marketing, promotional and research activities.

  7. The ARU may deregister you at any time by notice.


2. The Game and its variations can be hazardous and incidents may happen. To the extent permitted by law, by accepting these Terms of Registration, the participant and/or his/her parent or legal guardian assume the risks associated with participating in the Game and acknowledge this warning of the injury risks involved, and in doing so, waives all claims for liability against any participant and releases every participant from all liability, provided that such liability arises while the participant is participating in the Game.

3. ARU will hold the benefit of this release and waiver on trust for all participants. ARU makes no warranties regarding services associated with the Game or the fitness for purpose of materials provided.


Registered participants of the Game are provided basic levels of cover under the ARU Insurance Plan for Sports Injury (Accident) cover, excluding cover for medical expenses where there is any Medicare Contribution (i.e. Medicare Gap). It is recommended that all participants consider Private Health and other Insurances as required for their individual circumstances, over and above the coverage provided under this Plan. Further information is available at and

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